About the Artist and Giving Back

About the Artist Sharon Jones

As an artist, Sharon Jones has used many mediums and venues to express herself.  Sharon believes that art is a way of life.  It engages creativity and imagination in order to enhance one's being, adding beauty to the world around us.

Sharon Jones loves to dance and teach; it has been her passion and career.   She became a Rockette at an early age and continued dancing professionally in Paris and Las Vegas before returning home to Long Island.  As Sharon taught and performed dance, she also felt a need to find other means of expressing herself.  Sharon started exploring creative writing and composed, “Will the Flowers Bloom.”  Stained glass was Sharon's next venue.  She displayed her pieces in several library exhibits throughout Nassau County.  As Sharon continued to pursue her artistic passion, she started decorative painting.  Sharon finds unique and unusual pieces of old worn out glassware, and rejuvenates them into usable works of art.  Her windows and frames are shown at many craft fairs on Long Island.  Additionally, through the Oyster Bay Community and Youth Services, many businesses and libraries are happy to share her art work with customers and clients as community service.

After Sharon's husband passed she ran her dance studio and raised her two children devoting her time, talent, and energy where most important.  Now is a time for Sharon to move on and invest her time in herself and her art, refining her talent and skills.

As Sharon continues on her journey she looks forward to adding happiness to other's homes and lives with her art through her growing online presence.

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