The Lesson

I kept thinking how can I possibly paint as many hands as I had envisioned and where to put them especially since I don't know how.  I thought about my original canvas art of the 20 Universal Laws and how I had incorporated the white leaves....It was worth a try.  I added the white leaves on the bottom and I liked it.  OK I have no training how can I do hands and get different skin tones which was very important to me.  Finally, I thought, of course my beautiful artist friend and painter Ethel.  She taught art in High School..Why didn't I think of that before!  She gladly came to my home and taught me the shapes and how to mix colors.  I learned how blue and red were so important to my color pallet and skin tones.  I had no idea of this knowledge.  My confidence was building.....I'm ready for the next step!

Meanwhile still waiting for ideas for the next 19 Laws, I kept up with my glass painting for fairs, launching my web site, selling on Etsy, my window displays and of course my dance teaching jobs.  I always fill my mind everyday with motivation.  Never saying I cant just need to find the way... 



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