Moving on

Can't believe 2021is coming to a close.  Seems the years just whiz by.  My Holiday Collection is underway and newsletter just about to go out.  I am happy to see sales are growing and my art is making its way to many homes adding value and happiness to my online shoppers. The only fair I was able to participate in this year was Long Beach during the summer months.  I love to see my customers expressions when they enter my booth at fairs....big smiles!  That is such an inspiration for me to keep going and moving on with my products and art.

The next Universal Law I am working on is gestation.  I have finished correspondence (as above, so below).  Meaning everything around you is from your roots of values and beliefs which materialize into your environment.  Gestation is planting the seeds in your life and waiting with much patience for them to grow and mature.  Never really knowing when that will be, but to have the faith and belief that it will when it is suppose to happen.  I love my canvas Universal Law art.  I am encouraged to keep moving on with them as well. 

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