It seems impossible that all this time has passed by and we are finally getting a bit back to normalcy in our daily lives after this pandemic has hit our world so hard.  I have been extremely fortunate to have kept my job and continued to work throughout these difficult times. My online products have been selling and many custom orders have been coming in consistently.  I am finding that gratitude has been a lesson in appreciation for me during the challenging days of Covid.  I never let a day go by without saying thank you.

I am now on my 10th original art series of the Universal Laws and my vision is to complete 20.  Along with the ideas and artwork for the Laws, I continue to find other products and new designs for my web site and Etsy Shop.  I start my day with eagerness and positive energy as I work hard on my art which I love dearly.  My day starts with prayer, meditation and affirmations.  I constantly work on bettering myself in hopes to be a more productive positive person for myself and those around me.

Gratitude just for another day to be and feel love is truly a blessing.  So thankful I am able to share my gifts through my art  with those I know and work with as we all keep moving on and forward................ The universal laws have taught me so much!


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