Finding Faith

February has come and gone.. I am still working to keep my store, web site, painting, job, canvas art and sending letters to promote my work.  I never realized how complicated keeping up with all the computer and social media could be.  Keeping up with life in general.  I am a Mom also and have had some real challenges to face with that as well.   Living with someone who suffers from depression and anxiety has put me on pathways I never knew existed.  I have learned a great deal but my safe place has always been art.  My painting has helped me endure and carry on and find peace among the stresses.  For the past few months there has been a decline when I thought there was more hope.  Looking for ways to carry on....sell more art and keep purpose alive.  Visiting the Port Washington Library, I came across an art exhibit where this quote was just what I needed to see.  "The only reason anyone fails, is they stopped while they were losing."   Steve Lampasona .  Lampasona is currently represented by the Capricorn Gallery in Washington D. C.  His Art exhibit is wonderful..

 Faith to keep going, faith to believe, faith in the vision......


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