OK so my angel needs hair because someone laughed at her without any.  I really wasn't sure whether I would or not, but now I will.  I am nervous its not like painting on glass where you can just wipe off.  If I mess up it will be really hard to fix thats for sure.  I am working up my confidence.  Never painted hair before.  I look at the canvas everyday passing it by.  Today I was thinking I might pencil it in first.  I think that will be the safest. 

I also just completed a project that I have had since my Dad's passing almost 8 years ago.  It was a black tray that sat on a Tea Cart in my Parents home.   He was a wonderful carpenter. There really wasn't much he couldn't do and he did everything with excellence .  I was brought up with Early American style furniture and this was a part of it.  I tried to express artistry in a memory of  my childhood.  My Dad was always in the basement working on his craft.  He was extremely gifted in many ways..... 


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